HWAM Autopilot IHS – The Most Effective Log Burner

Fireplaces keep a fixed position in your place, performing its functional role as a heat source and accentuate your area as furniture. It is thus vital that you select a stove that suits your fireside in terms of style and sizing. It’s a great thing that the future of wood-burning stoves has finally arrived. The HWAM Autopilot IHS (Intelligent Heat System) is the most efficient and cost-friendly log burner for your home.

Significant Feature Of HWAM Autopilot IHS


Perhaps the most significant feature of this log burner is its Autopilot air system. HWAM does not only regulate combustion automatically but also enables you to achieve your desired room temperature by using a remote control. Plus, the accessory also alerts you should your stove also requires refueling. This precision decreases fuel consumption, benefits the environment, and make things more convenient for you.


How HWAM Autopilot IHS Works


The Autopilot control system gauges the status of the combustion through the help of a thermocouple and an oxygen sensor. An onboard computer then sips in allocating combustion air on three different valves. This way, you can get results at home, similar to what test labs acquired under ideal situations.


Advantages Of Having An Oxygen Sensor


Other automated systems in the market solely rely on a thermocouple to gauge combustion conditions. Adding an oxygen sensor provides a significant benefit as it promotes a perfect ratio between fuel and oxygen. Complete combustion is achieved when there is just enough oxygen and fuel. When oxygen is too low, unburned fuel is converted into pollution. When oxygen is too high, combustion may not be hot enough, resulting in increased production of pollutants.


Goal Of HWAM Autopilot IHS


Pollution and subpar performance of log burners are mostly due to incorrect usage of the end-user. The main goal of the Autopilot system is to minimize human intervention and error.


Benefits of Electronic Automation


Through electronic automation, the problems brought by human error are reduced, saving the environment and help you cut on costs in the long run. Moreover, it requires less effort to operate and maintain – you can concentrate on other tasks at hand.


HWAM Autopilot IHS allows you to achieve the same amount of heat with lesser efforts needed but higher efficiency compared to the traditionally and manually-operated fireplaces. It is the best wood stove in the market right now and would be a great addition to your home.