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4 Things You Need To Know About High Rate Max Batteries

Power outages and fluctuations can severely ruin the production and management of large businesses. What industries need is a reliable power backup to avoid data loss and business interruptions. C & D Technologies have High Rate Max series batteries which can provide the necessary power for backup support that UPS systems require.

1.High Rate Max Batteries For UPS Applications

High rate max batteries are very dependable and are most commonly used for UPS applications. Examples of these applications include data centers, internet housing areas, semiconductor manufacturing companies, industrial process facilities, network operations centers, banks, and financial centers, and more.

What’s similar to these technologies and industries is they all need reliable power, especially during outages. They need a UPS to provide power in order to avoid data loss, system errors, and interruptions in production.

2.With Longest Battery Life

These batteries come with a 10-year design life when used in the ideal environment at 25 degrees Centigrade. It has the lowest levels of calcium, thus reducing grid growth, gassing, and dramatically enhances battery life. These require very little to no maintenance; therefore, this saves you money and effort in the long run.

3.Comes With Very Durable Case & Covers

High rate max batteries are encased in flame-retardant case and covers made of polypropylene. The case and cover are thermally welded to reduce the possibility of leakage. The battery components are UL recognized and developed with Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM technology for enhanced gas recombination or more than 99%.

Despite the outstanding power, these batteries are safe and will always give you the best performance no matter what the environmental conditions and application.

4.May Be Used For All Kinds Of Transport

Most batteries are restricted for air or sea transport, and this poses a lot of problems for many industries. High Rate Max batteries are not restricted for water, air or land transport, making it the most convenient and versatile batteries anywhere.

High Rate Max batteries are available online from C & D Technologies. If you want to find out about how High Rate Max batteries can help you in your business or industry, contact the company today to get a free quote.